Positive thoughtsAre you Verbalizing Defeat, and Expecting Victory?

– Learn how to Be Positive, Positive thoughts

– The tongue weighs practically nothing but few people can hold it

– Are You Sabotaging Your Future?

– Speak Positive, You Are Prophesying Your Future

Learn how to Be Positive. Keep Positive Thoughts.  Do you find yourself saying comments like: “I will never be able to get out of debt; my business is to slow so I can’t make any money; I’ll never get healthy again, the medical report is too grim; the economy is so bad, I can’t find a job; I can’t accomplish my dreams now I’m too old, I’ve missed my opportunity.”

If you are sabotaging your future, you need to start to understand that you cannot talk defeat and expect victory. The first thing you’ll notice after you experience Be Positive or Be Quiet, you’ll notice happiness, success and abundance.

Mark E. Wilkins new book “Be Positive or Be Quiet” brings the positive into your life and shows how you can easily put a “watch on your mouth” by using wisdom from the Bible. You do not need to be snared by the words of your mouth any longer!

Positive thoughts, Many people talk themselves out of being healed, or getting that promotion. Do you know the power of your words?

In fact, many people are surprised how quickly they become magnets for positive actions when applying these techniques.

Many reviews reflected “A great book on how the power of positive thinking and will change your life.”

God knows the power of our words, he knows when we are speaking defeat. God teaches us that with our words we are prophesying our future. Could it be that negative words are keeping you from your desires and goals?

Positive thoughts, Top researchers have concluded that being positive or being quiet is the best way to quickly achieve success in all your endeavors. I’d like to show you how to change your life in a positive way. Would it be fair to say that being positive leads to being successful?

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